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Check Out our New Locations

Due to the closing of the Hamilton City Centre we have moved to our new location in Jackson Square as well as opened a new office in Copetown.

Our new locations are:

Joseph’s Coiffure,
Jackson Square,
2 King Street West,
Hamilton, ON


Cain Chiropractic,
Copetown, ON,
Intersection #52 / 99

Please contact Dr. Cain at 905-523-7246 for more details or to make an appointment.


We have also changed our email address to

I’m looking forward to seeing you!
Dr. Michael Cain, B.A., M.S.S., D.C. 


What Our Patients Said...

Dr. Cain is amazing and has literally changed my life! I am a migraine sufferer and with the stress of my job, being a mother of 2 young children combined with regular wear and tear on my body; my migraines were getting more intense and frequent. I had previously tried Physio, Acupuncture, Naturopathic care with no real improvements. At 37 years old I found myself at the point of seeing a Neurologist who was prescribing me medication that I wasn’t overly comfortable with. That is when a friend insisted I go see Dr. Cain.

What a turning point! I had an immediate connection with Dr. Cain. He is very personable, calm, caring, and professional. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and understanding of my condition and our options to improving my life. Almost immediately I felt relief and have experienced a decrease in both frequency and severity of my migraines over the last 5 months. Best of all, when I feel the tension building in my shoulders; Dr. Cain encourages me to make a last minute call to come in for a treatment where he can usually offset the progression of the migraine.

I am very grateful for Dr. Cain’s genuine care that is more effective than I ever imagined! I just wish I had gone to see him sooner : )



Cain Chiropractic offers treatment for motor vehicle accidents, sports and workplace Injuriespregnancy related back painheadachesnumbness and joint pain.  
Dr. Mike Cain has worked as a chiropractor since 1998.  His clinic also offers Orthotics and Health and Wellness Coaching.
With 2 convenient locations: Jackson Square for the downtowners and the other in Copetown, about 10 minutes drive from Ancaster.