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Important things to know if you are involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident MVA)

It is very important to get a checkup and appropriate treatment immediately after a motor vehicle accident. New legislation has shortened the time line from the date of the accident for injuries to be assessed and reported to your insurance company for treatment to be covered.  For the best and quickest healing to occur it is also very important for proper treatment to be received as soon as possible after an accident or injury.

 You can heal "Fast and Strong" or "Weak and Wrong" !

X-rays may be necessary after an accident and this can be arranged from a local clinic. It takes about 4-6 weeks for basic healing to occur after an injury/accident and your body will be more susceptible to re-injury during this time.  Some injuries require extended treatment for several months to heal properly.

At Cain Chiropractic, we have state-of-the-art modality treatment available in various forms for your injury rehabilitation. Exercise and stretching programs, as well as manual adjustments are all available to assist your recovery.
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